Travel Tips & Information


Here you will find some tips and information to make your travels go a little smoother. There were many times while traveling I said to myself, “I wish I had known that.”

  • Make sure photo ID, passport and/ or visa are up to date. Some countries require your passport to be valid for 6 months after your travel dates. Make copies of each and keep in a separate place from your actual ID/passport. Email it to yourself or a friend/ family member.
  • Some countries aren’t credit card friendly. Do your research and see what will save you time and money when it comes to exchanging currency. It is always a good idea to have cash on hand when traveling. Keep some with you and some in your hotel. Never keep all credit cards and cash together.
  • Call any credit card companies and/ or banks that you might be using while traveling. Let them know you will be there and to not block purchases. Many cards have fraud protection.
  • Voltage, frequency, and plug types can vary widely. There are many converters available that will make this easy if you plan ahead.
  • Call your cell phone provider before you travel and see what international phone plan is best for you. Not all countries have great internet service. If this is the case, embrace it.
  • If you plan to be out and about exploring while you travel, think about having a battery pack on hand. I find my phone/ camera dies faster when I am away from town or my hotel.
  • Be aware of the time zone, customs and cultural differences of the country you are traveling to.
  • Language can oftentimes be a barrier. Some countries will speak your language, some will not. Don’t let this discourage you. Do what you can prior to travel to learn some basics. There are even some travel apps that will help you along the way. I love Google Translate.
  • Look into restaurants and added adventures/ tours ahead of time. Some will fill quickly so it might be in your best interest to make reservations a month or two before traveling.
  • Transportation and getting around in each country is different. From flagging a cab to hiring a driver, plan ahead if you are on a schedule. From experience, not all countries are rental-car-friendly or even necessary.