Culture - Food & Wine


Food can oftentimes be the reason we travel. To not just explore a foreign land, but also the traditions and century old influences that carry over into their food and wine. Croatia provides a wealth of experiences for the food and wine lover. Schedule a private tour followed by an incredible culinary workshop, learning traditional dishes from that region. Go into a local home to learn and help create ancient recipes. Or simply wander in and out of the many wineries, bakeries, farms and artisan shops to taste the influences of Croatia.


Tokyo is unmistakably one of the world’s greatest food cities. Local obsessions of fresh, playful and oftentimes obscure cuisines, have become a thrilling food trend that is yours to discover. With an extensive lineup of authentic food and brilliant cocktails at alluring street values, Tokyo also has its share of Michelin-starred restaurants. Plan for a wild, culinary adventure while in Tokyo.


Sicily, one of Europe's oldest regions, offers much more than tantalizing scenery. Its geography and history lends itself to savory dishes and delightful wines. Culinary traditions stem from regions such as Spain, Middle East, North Africa and ancient Greeks. The array of wines that Sicily offers, locally and beyond its shores, are plentiful. Be sure to try their most popular wine, Marsala, carrying a bite of 18% alcohol. You've been warned. Cheers!


Toronto, a foodies paradise, is a city of many culinary facets. Its dining landscape is vastly diverse; Cuban to Brazilian, Vietnamese to Jamaican, Indian to Korean and endless pizzerias. A fun way to make this trip extra memorable to is to take a cooking class. These, also, are with great variety. Gourmet, Italian, vegetarian, Thai, or just about anything your mouth has a craving for.

The same goes for wine lovers. Toronto's wine scene is generous in its wine-tasting bars and events throughout the year. The world’s most culturally diverse city will leave you in a food-and-wine-coma.