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Buenos Aires is full of dazzling sights, thrilling adventures, and an extensive variety of ethnic cuisines. While indulging, make sure to help yourself to their famous Argentine wine, which will inturn help you cut loose for a little tango. Playful, dramatic and sensual, tango in Argentina has become one of its greatest cultural elements. Argentina also has a distinctive edge about its culture. Food, wine and seductive tango? Go ahead, take that lesson.


Farmstays are a unique accommodation option if you want a real taste of authentic farm life and local culture. Offered in most countries and often having the vibe of a Bed & Breakfast, a farmstay is a great way to be interactive with your hosts and culture of choice. Farmstays range in a variety of options; from family-focused, offering children opportunities to learn how a farm functions, to adults only for a more peaceful retreat.


What you’ve heard is true. Ireland is a showstopper. With a country whose rich heritage, stunning displays of nature, and bountiful cultural expression, how could you not want to explore? The traditions, the music, the literature, and the cuisine are provoking. Horseback riding, hiking, cycling, sailing, you name it, Ireland is begging to be seen.


When thinking of combining a cultural trip with an active trip, Peru is a country that inspires. Peruvian culture is a splendid mix of Hispanic and native traditions. Which leaves no wonder when looking at the simple beauty of their art, music and dance, and Peruvian cuisine. The charm of their culture blends effortlessly with the charm of their diverse landscapes.

Views that reach from the coastal desert sands to the snow-capped Andes mountain to the thick Amazon rainforest. Journeys that can be as soft as a slow hike through the valley or a demanding trek along the ancient Inca trail. Delivering endless pinch-me-moments, Peru will captivate you.