Adventure - Solo


Vibrant culture, iconic temples, shimmering beaches and mouth-watering cuisine, collide together to make Thailand a perfectly exotic getaway. With convenient daily flight options and affordable ways to indulge in its vast diversity, Thailand is an easy choice. Along this journey to enlightenment, a secluded temple or a blessing from a Monk should be added to your list.


Iceland, the land where fire and ice can coexist. Active volcanoes, hot steamy springs, boiling mud pools, and glacier-cut fjords make the list of what draws a hefty crowd every year. Not to mention, Icelanders have an undeniable charisma that will keep you warm and nudging you to stay. Bonus? The price tag of a flight will have you booking sooner than you think.


To the traveler, Europe can seem paralyzing when its size is taken into consideration. But broken down into smaller pieces, its grace will effortlessly present itself to you. With Europe's majestic beauty and epic history, it will have you falling helplessly in love with its charm, not to mention its intoxicating blend of nightlife and culinary adventure. Delve beyond the obvious.


The magic of Melbourne can be subtle, but provides numerous treasures for the inquisitive traveler. Quaint sidewalk cafes, striking street art, and award-winning restaurants are the perfect fusion to its elegant and friendly neighborhoods. If high energy arena sports peaks your interest, rest assured that Melbourne is home to some of the most energetic fans around. The fabric of this culture is edgy and hipster yet polished and modern.