Adventure - Extreme


Looking for a destination that will leave you feeling transformed? Greenland is a land of exploration and cultural participation like no other place on Earth. This ice covered country offers never-experienced-opportunites wrapped in a blanket of serenity. Dog sledding, boating through the glaciers, hunting, heliskiing, northern light hiking, and Greenlandic flavors will leave you forever enchanted. Greenland truly is all about collecting experiences.


Challenging, nerve-racking, complex and rugged, Bolivia is for provoking and pushing personal limits. Providing a widely varied terrain, this utterly fascinating land presents to you the Atacama Desert, Amazon Basin rainforest and the Andes Mountains. Want an epic photo that no one else has? Journey to Salar de Uyuni, the world's largest salt flat.


Ever dream of a true desert island experience, isolated from the real world? Here is your chance to exist as a castaway. Choose to be abandoned from a helicopter, hunt your own food and retreat to your handmade hut, or choose the comfort of a personal guide, prepared meals, and a luxury villa as your escape. This survival experience is where time ceases to exist. Uninhabited beaches and jungles, coral reefs for days, and the most unique experience of a lifetime.

Sail Away

Not all adventures are tied to land. Select your destination, select your friends and sail away for the ultimate getaway. Each yacht is complete with a skipper, a hostess, a professional photographer and a tailor-made itinerary. Depending on your level of curiosity, each route is exclusive to you with varying options of parties, exploration and culture. Set your sail and take the leap!