Why Faraway Places Travel

Service means different things to different people.Your expected level of service is something I strive to achieve, and something you can be sure of. Faraway Places Travel is not just a booking agency. By listening to your wants and needs I will cultivate a personalized experience where every element is taken care of. With a relentless obsession to detail, each trip will be handled from our first conversation until the moment you arrive home. My clients are a gift. And in knowing that, I want you to feel that excitement alongside me as I plan a richer, deeper, more fulfilling experience than you have ever imagined. I look forward to inspiring and guiding you on your most memorable trip yet.

About Theresa

Being a mother of two young children has brought back the curiosity that I once had as a child. The curiosity to know more about the world we live in and the cultures that thrive outside the scope of our view, inspires me. Travel for me isn’t a luxury, it is a necessity. As an experiential traveler, I am able to follow my love of food, wine, culture and being active. Running a business based on what I want to do for the rest of my life has brought me an everlasting excitement that inspires me daily.

When I am not traveling, my time is devoted to my two children. Time at the lake, day trips, sporting events and being with our friends are some of our favorite things to do. Outside of these, I enjoy a good book, cooking, music and writing. Please be sure to follow my blog to hear about some of my extraordinary travel experiences.

My hope is to inspire you to take that luxury vacation you have always dreamt of. Or to tap into your adventurous side, you know you have within you. I’d love to share stories one day of our travels driven by curiosity and experiences, from one traveler to another.